Chinstrap Penguins

Chinstrap populations are found on the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands such as, South Georgia, S. Shetland, S. Orkney, S. Sandwich, Balleny, Bouvetoya and Peter 1 Oy. Chinstrap penguins have an average body length of 72 centimeters (28 in) and a weight of 3–5 kilograms (6.6–11.0 lb), however their weight can drop as low as 3 kilograms (6.6 lb) depending on the breeding cycle. Males are both larger and heavier than females.

The adult chinstraps’ flippers are black with a white edge; the inner sides of the flippers are white. The face is white extending behind the eyes, which are reddish-brown; the chin and throat are white as well, while the short bill is black. The strong legs and the webbed feet are pink. The chinstrap penguin’s black-and-white plumage helps camouflage it in the water from predators such as seals. When seen from above, the bird’s black back blends into the dark water below, while the bird’s underside blends into the sunshine above when seen from below.


Baily Head

December 16, 2015 ~ Antarctica Day 5
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